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Propecia is the effective prescription only medicine for the treatment of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) to slow and prevent further hair loss and increase hair growth. It is not licensed for use in women. 

It's chemical name is Finasteride and has been used in hair loss for more than fifteen years. The longer it is used for, the better, as each year after the first twelve months, there continues to be a 2-3% improvement until a plateau is reached after five years. 80-90% of the best achievable result will be reached within 12-18 months. Propecia works by "blocking" the action of 5 Alpha 1 reductase which is an enzyme that makes Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from Testosterone which is a primary cause of male pattern baldness, Propecia is not itself a hormone. In practice, crown and vertex hair responds best, temporal hair is unlikely to regrow. Only scalp hair responds to Propecia.
Normal Dosage: 1 tablet per day.

In terms of side effects; research has shown that there is a 1% chance of a change in a patientís libido through the use of this drug. 

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