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DermMatch Concealer

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DermMatch Concealer
DermMatch is an instant hair loss treatment trusted by dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons.
It's recommended for female hair loss, male pattern baldness, alopecia areata and hair transplants. It works instantly, adding spectacular fullness to thin hairs while causing the scalp to disappear. It looks natural and you can brush it, swim with it or sweat with it. Any shampoo removes it. DermMatch will not affect the growth of your hair and is rich in emollients that soften and moisturize your skin.

Spectacular fullness: DermMatch works instantly. It coats individual thin hairs, making them stand up straight and spread out for spectacular fullness. It also colors the scalp to match your hair color causing the scalp to disappear. It's hard to believe it's your hair the first time you see it.

Natural hairline: DermMatch is the only product that can be faded gradually for a perfect, natural hairline. Other products give you little to no control over application and are not recommended for use along the front hairline.

Swim or sweat: DermMatch stays on until you shampoo. You can brush it, swim with it or sweat with it. Don't even think of doing this with sprays, sprinkles or lotions.Any shampoo removes Dermatch.

Easy application: DermMatch application is quick, clean and precise. Only DermMatch gives you the EZ Grip, EZ Reach applicators which come with step by step instructions with photos. You get free replacement applicators whenever you need them.

All Hair types: Dermatch application is flexible to allow for any hair style or regimen. You can use it front to back with permed, kinky, braided, curled or dyed hair. Dermatch contains no hair dye and is safe to use for coloured hair.

Blendable colours: Look at your hair roots in the mirror, this is the colour to match. If you dye your hair one colour, match that colour. If you have highlighted ends with darker roots, match the root colour. If your hair is turning grey you can blend colours, also use for roots coverage between colourings.

Hair transplants: Dermatch can be safely used on transplanted hair anytime beyond the scab phase usually 24- 48 hours after surgery. please consult with your surgeon first.

DermMatch Concealer Colour Guide DermMatch Concealer